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Where did I go?

Man oh man am I inconsistent or what??
No, but seriously…I do find it a struggle to post on here…which is why I haven’t in a while. I truly am not a writer nor do I know how to truly get this thing going…But in the mean time…Check out a quick doodl-eee-doo I made.

Any Crystal Fighters fans out there?
Well if you haven’t heard of them check ’em out! This is a lyric from their song You & I.


I hope everyone is having an extraordinary holiday season! It’s the best time of the year.


lunar letters


My very delayed September Lunar Lettery.
I don’t believe this one needs much of an explanation…But just in case…I created the S letter form out of colorful leaves, inspired by my Adirondack surroundings.  I then scanned it in and colored in Illustrator.

I hope you enjoy!

September’s Late Lunar Letter

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October’s Lunar Letter


So here we are a month later! All Hallows Eve!!
This is my first successful Lunar Letter, however I will be posting  September’s very delayed Lunar Letter shortly.

October is such an exciting month. It has that eagerness of early autumn reaching for the holiday season to begin. The weather tends to get a bit dreary but we have Halloween to look forward to and then all the glory days afterwards.

October’s Lunar Letter Design

So I keep wondering if this is a bit of a stretch…but the O is supposed to be created with the arch of the Cat’s back, up along the tail and down to the head to make a full circle. If it is too much of a stretch how about that moon?? That is technically an O is it not?I am having so much fun doing this light hearted design project! I am trying out new techniques in illustrator and photoshop and learning quiet a bit! I also am constantly sketching. I have plenty of more months to go and plenty of sketches already started.

So what are peoples thoughts on my design? I absolutely love this adorable little cat!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everybody had a spooktacular day and even more frightening evening!

P.s. I am being a Tribal Lion for Halloween, but the party isn’t until saturday so photos will be posted this weekend!


lunar letters

September’s Lunar Letter

So it has been a looong week. Clearly I have been lacking in the post department…

Here is a preview of what this months Lunar Letter looks like. I will be posting the final piece later this weekend or Monday. Along with some process shots.

I would love to learn how to make a process video so I will be looking into that. Anyone have any suggestions/tips?

Well happy weekend everyone 🙂



Happy Autumn!

A quick sketch to digital. This didn’t even make it to illustrator so it is rather rough. However I think it captures autumn pretty well. Cheers to all the leaf peepin’, cider drinkin’, apple pickin’ days ahead!

Leave some comments if you have any critiques!!

Happy Autumn!

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

And it is Thursday…

Holy heck where did this week go? I swear the days just fly by faster and faster every year. So, I hope from here on out to be posting my Weekend Recaps by Monday or Tuesday at the latest!

I will try to keep this short and mainly just show some photos from the weekend. I need to start actually bringing my camera with me…rather then my trusty iPhone which is ready to kick the bucket…

I had a very enjoyable 3 day weekend! Yes that is correct 3 days! wahoo. It was much needed.

Saturday was extra lovely, some morning Vinyasa Flow along with a wonderful trip to the farmers market. I am part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with a local farm and I absolutely love it. I enjoyed one of the most delicious empanadas and then also treated my self to a waffle on a stick?!?! Also delicious…

Yoga Mandali

Sunday I awoke bright and early in a rather unfortunate state. I stayed out way too late on Saturday night. This is something I believe I have grown out of, but hey, we can’t always be perfect! Oh well, I still got up and went to The Hyde Museum to see a Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit with my mom. Georgia O’Keeffe is one of my favorite artists so I was very excited to say the least.

Georgia O'Keeffe at The Hyde Museum

Georgia O’Keeffe at The Hyde Museum

I finished off my Sunday with some quality family time and some sketching! I swear I have piles upon piles of sketches and ideas that never seem to make it to the next phase…here is one that I hope to complete sometime soon…I have been doing a lot of hand lettering since I have never attempted (always too intimidated by it) but what do you think?oversized_sketchAs for my lovely Monday off…I had one of my best friends visit who I hadn’t seen in a year! So sad…we do talk almost every day though, it helps my commute go by faster. We had a most delicious meal at a Mexican restaurant in my town. Evidence below!


So that’s a wrap!

I would love to get some comments….What was your favorite thing you did this weekend?