Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

And it is Thursday…

Holy heck where did this week go? I swear the days just fly by faster and faster every year. So, I hope from here on out to be posting my Weekend Recaps by Monday or Tuesday at the latest!

I will try to keep this short and mainly just show some photos from the weekend. I need to start actually bringing my camera with me…rather then my trusty iPhone which is ready to kick the bucket…

I had a very enjoyable 3 day weekend! Yes that is correct 3 days! wahoo. It was much needed.

Saturday was extra lovely, some morning Vinyasa Flow along with a wonderful trip to the farmers market. I am part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with a local farm and I absolutely love it. I enjoyed one of the most delicious empanadas and then also treated my self to a waffle on a stick?!?! Also delicious…

Yoga Mandali

Sunday I awoke bright and early in a rather unfortunate state. I stayed out way too late on Saturday night. This is something I believe I have grown out of, but hey, we can’t always be perfect! Oh well, I still got up and went to The Hyde Museum to see a Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit with my mom. Georgia O’Keeffe is one of my favorite artists so I was very excited to say the least.

Georgia O'Keeffe at The Hyde Museum

Georgia O’Keeffe at The Hyde Museum

I finished off my Sunday with some quality family time and some sketching! I swear I have piles upon piles of sketches and ideas that never seem to make it to the next phase…here is one that I hope to complete sometime soon…I have been doing a lot of hand lettering since I have never attempted (always too intimidated by it) but what do you think?oversized_sketchAs for my lovely Monday off…I had one of my best friends visit who I hadn’t seen in a year! So sad…we do talk almost every day though, it helps my commute go by faster. We had a most delicious meal at a Mexican restaurant in my town. Evidence below!


So that’s a wrap!

I would love to get some comments….What was your favorite thing you did this weekend?