Happy Autumn!

A quick sketch to digital. This didn’t even make it to illustrator so it is rather rough. However I think it captures autumn pretty well. Cheers to all the leaf peepin’, cider drinkin’, apple pickin’ days ahead!

Leave some comments if you have any critiques!!

Happy Autumn!


Cats & Kittens

photoSo I believe, in my first post, “I gave a fair warning” …

I have always loved anything and everything cute and cuddly. I grew up in a family that loves animals. We often had several cats and dogs, I even nursed a baby squirrel back to health. His name was Jacamo.

To me animals are part of existing, you see them everyday almost everywhere you go. Not all of them are cute and cuddly but they belong here just as we do. Also, theu obviously serve an important role in the balance of our world and I think its vital that people recognize that and respect it.


What I truly love about animals is their ability to heal, comfort, and soothe a human soul. This mainly applies to our household friends but does extend beyond. To me this is why I love cats and dogs. I believe they are an important part of any family. (messes and alll!)

I remember when I was younger I had a cat named Hopi (after the Native American tribe) and she was the most intelligent cat I’ve ever known. She knew to walk up and down our piano when she wanted to go out, top-notch hunter, she was a pro at creating messes/ breaking things (very intentionally I might add), yet she also knew how to comfort you. Anytime I ever cried and she was in ear shot she would come and snuggle until I felt better. This wasn’t just with me, but with my other sisters too. And if you tried faking it…she knew!

I have had many other pets who bring me happiness including my two kitties Femi and Philly. I adopted them pretty young and about a week apart. They are now 3 years old. I love them to death and rely on them to keep me company, entertain me, alert me when mice are around…and raise my spirits when I am down. If one isn’t there the other is and I know that they appreciate the love I give in return. The love that they have for each other is also indescribably beautiful. They truly are just the cutest little behbehs ever!



At the top of this post is a sketch I did recently…I often get bored at work (even though I have 5 bajillion things to do) luckily I’m a pretty speedy worker at times. I do like to multitask while talking on the phone so I have many sketches from work…some not so good, some not finished…but this one seemed to be pretty solid. I will be turning this into an actual finished piece! Wahoo. I am not sure about some parts of it…but I guess that is part of the exploration!

I would love to actually get this printed and then actually sew in the ampersand. Thoughts?

Ok ciao!