About Me

A designers creative exploration…procrastination?

Oh boy, my first blog post.

Saratoga Springs

Downtown and the moon

As a graphic designer I feel its pretty normal to have a blog, but for me personally, not so much. You see, I am naturally an introvert/extrovert, one of those people who can’t be pinned down. At times I can be very outgoing, other times I am super shy and don’t even know how to strike up a conversation. Inner turmoil at it’s finest!

But here it goes, I am facing this fear and diving into the world of creative bloggers. There are so many out there that I am in awe of and I feel that the best way to evolve into a better designer and maybe even a better writer (yeah right)…is to just put it all out there. Also, I need a more productive form of procrastination.

The Lunar Lettery, what is it??

The Lunar Lettery is a place where my ideas, creations and interests can grow. (And hopefully yours too!) As a rule of thumb I will be posting an illustrated letter at the end of every month. Hence the Lunar Lettery name. I will also share sketches, projects, pictures, and things I stumble across on the interwebs.

My Goals.

  1. Explore and develop my creative self
  2. Interact with like-minded people
  3. Be inspired
  4. To not blog anonymously (we shall see)

A fair warning…

I live on the internet (hello!! graphic designer here), so eventually I may be blogging a lot. I hope you will stick around to see where this goes. However, if you hate made up words, typos (sorry), or don’t thoroughly enjoy the cuteness of the world this may not be the place for you. I am just going to lay that out there.

Well I would say this is a start. I am not sure how often I will post to start with, but stay tuned…

Ciao for now!

oh and p.s. This first post was created on Friday the 13th, a good thing or a bad thing…